About us
Our mission 

accessible advanced medical technologies for patients and healthcare professionals. 

Our vision: 

advanced and constantly growing company in the field of medical technologies and service.

What we do: 

we offer the customers the best quality products and service at the best price.

The main product: 

Import, realization and maintenance of the products intended for medical, veterinary and laboratory use.

Our values
Customer orientation
Constant improvement

Company quality policy

Policy of AMTS Ltd implies the permanent improvement of quality management system which is the guarantee of :

proper planning and managing of the activities of the organization ,
appropriate definition of the client/customer’s requirements and meeting them,

providing with the necessary resources.
raising the effectiveness of corrective and preventive measures,
orientation on interested parties.

For the purpose of quality assurance the management
of the organization works closely with all interested parties -
with customers, suppliers, employees, partners, controller
and supervisory organs
Defined goals for realizing the quality management policy of AMTS
Ltd are as follows:
Identification, compliance and performance of the requirements of the regulatory legislation,
    implementation of the quality standards;
Consideration of the requirements of the interested parties
   and responding to them, constant analysis and improvement of the assessment of the customers’ needs and
   their satisfaction;
Constant renewal and improvement of the infrastructure ,
   , implementation of the new technologies;
Care for staff qualification and motivation;
    raising their awareness in the field of quality management with their involvement in trainings and other
Ensuring effective functioning of monitoring,
    management of non-compliances, system of reporting, audit of the process;
Constant improvement of quality management system.